Introduction to the J.O.C.

A Geep

The Jago Owners Club is a club for owners of Cars sold by Jago Automotive. The above picture is one example of Jago's products, the Geep/Sandero, but they also produced the Samuri and the Model T.

The club was started in 1984 to assist Owners and Builders (all Jago cars were built from kits and mostly Ford mechanicals.)

It has developed into a social club with a UK wide membership averaging 300. Its Newsletter, Transmissions, is mailed 6 times a year and has a wealth of hints, tips and humour for the owner to peruse.

Originally called a Geep the final models available from Jago were called the a Sandero. There are probably about 5 officail variants of the Geep but with owners building to their own specification no two cars are identical.

There was a specail version produced to celebrate Jago's 25th anniversary. It was white with special striped, and came complete with gold roll bar, bull bar hood and wheels.

The Club are in the process of finishing a never completed 25th Anniversary Geep, which when finished will be displayed in a motor muesum, to represent the kit car industry.

Closely resembling a Willys Jeep, early models had an embossed star on the bonnet.

Remember, the kit car is just an excuse to have serious fun, with your clothes on! .